Magicians And Illusionists For Parties And Events 

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Professional Magicians For Parties Bringing Magical Mystery And Wonder Who Mystify Beyond Imagination With The Power Of Focus.

Looking To Stimulate The Entertainment At Your Next Party Or Event? Make Your Event A Smash With Top Magicians and Illusionists Who Provide Fascinating Entertainment For Any Party Or Special Occasion.


Rent A Magician Today! 

Renting A Magician For Your Bridal Shower Makes A Special Event Full Of Mystery. Rent Magician For Graduation Party And Celebrate Your Graduate With A Mystifying And Unforgettable Event.

Hiring A Top Rated, Mind-Blowing Magician Brings Your Guests The Opportunity To Enjoy Sleight Of Hand Skills Of Extraordinarily Talented Entertainers.

Rent Magicians For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs To Make Your Upcoming Mitzvah Event A Success!

Hire A Magician For Your Next Trade Show To Heighten The Number Of Visitors For Your Trade Show Booth & Makes It A Success.

Rent Magicians For Festivals.

Enjoy Adult Magic Shows By Renting Magicians For Your Adult Party Who Produce Elegant Entertainment Combined With Comedy And Sophisticated Magic Tailored To Adult Crowds.


Ginamarie Entertainment Guarantees That You’ll Experience Captivating Wedding Entertainment By Hiring A Magician For Your Wedding Reception … Our Magicians Ingeniously Fascinate Your Guests.

Magicians For Holiday Parties Bring The Holiday Party Entertainment To A Whole New Level. Make Your Event Unforgettable And Hire A Magician For Your Halloween Party That’s Engrossing And Exciting.  

Magicians For Halloween Parties Is The Perfect Addition To Make Your Halloween Party Astounding. Amaze Your Guests With Captivating Halloween Magic Shows That’s Interactive And Tailored Specifically To The Crowd.

Magicians For Christmas Parties Ignite The Christmas Spirit And Your Guests’ Excitement With Spellbinding Magic Shows That Assure A Memorable Christmas Party That Guests Will Never Forget. Our Magicians/Illusionists Stroll Through The Crowd Performing Vast Arrays Of Magic And Illusions To Get Your Christmas Party In Full Swing! 


Looking To Hire Magicians For Kids Birthday Parties? You Just Found Them … Our Children’s Party Magicians Are Interactive And Fun For Young Children & Older Kids. They Deliver Laughter, Comical Magic With Tons Of Audience Participation Thru Astounding Kids Magic Shows.


Your Daughter Will Have A Blast With Friends When You Hire A Strolling Magician Or A Master Illusionist For A Sweet Sixteen Party. Turning Sixteen Is A Momentous Occasion That You’ll Cherish Forever With Our Sweet Sixteen Party Magicians Who Leave A Mesmerizing Experience.

Rent Magicians For Baby Showers; A Close Up Magician Is The Absolute Baby Shower Entertainment.

Hire Illusionists For Parties Who Perform Jaw Dropping Combinations Of Comedy & Incredible Illusion Shows To Stun Your Guests.

Looking For Mind Bending Entertainment For Your Party Or Event? A Mind Reader Or Mentalist For Your Next Party Is An Excellent Way To Entertain And Mystify Guests. You’ll Witness First Hand How The Mentalist Uses Observational Skills To Discover All He Can About Your Guests Through Magic And Mentalism For A Mind Blowing Experience With An Outstanding Combination Of Comedy & Mind Reading.

Hire Magicians For Communion Parties At Your Child’s Celebration ~ A Very Popular Choice For Communion Entertainment.



You Can Book Magicians For House Parties, Private Parties, School Events, To Corporate Events…  Hire Corporate Magicians For Award Banquets, Sales Meetings, Conferences, Company Picnics. Wow Your Employees Or Clients Through Mentalism, Close Up Magic, Humor, Telepathy, And Hypnosis! 



Hire Magician For A High School Post Prom That’s A Fun-Filled, Fascinating Experience With Audience Interaction &  Illusions.
Rent Magicians For College Events Provide Amazing Slight Of Hand And Hilarious Comedy That Fascinates Campuses.
Hiring Magicians And Illusionists For Your Next Event Will Bring Engaging Performances; Includes Close Up Strolling Magic Or Parlor Magic Shows That’s Lots Of Fun Providing Unforgettable Interaction.
Bring Your Celebrations And Special Events To It’s Highest Peak With High Energy Comedy Magician Shows; We’ve Got The Perfect Magician For Every Crowd. 
Contact Us Today And Make Your Party The Very Best Ever!                                                                                              


















Incorporates Smart Phones, Tablets And More. It’s Comedy, Tons Of Mind Reading, Mentalism, And Audience Participation. Robin Incorporates The Power Of Focus. His Compelling And Thoroughly Entertaining Presentations Unveil The Secrets To Harnessing Control Of Our Actions And Maintaining A Clear Presence Of The Mind. Available For Strolling And Stage Shows.

For Kids … Performs Illusions Such As The Gigantic Coins, Rubics Cube, Etc.

For Teens & Adults, Corporate, & More … Performs The Illusions Of Metal Bending, Illusions With Technology, Psychokinetic And Unforgettable Mind Reading.

Magicians  Magicians Magicians Magicians Magicians Magicians Magicians





















Ranging From Conventions, Sales Meetings To Private Parties Of All Sizes. His Prime Ingredient Is Audience Participation. Some Of The Magic Even Happens Right In The Spectators’ Hands!

Stage Shows Or Strolling Entertainment.
David Specializes In Customer Tailored Magic. Will Perform Magic With Your Products. Even Have Your Guests Read Minds!



• Walk Around Magic
• Balloon Twisting
• Levitation
• Production Of Live Bunny
• Handwriting Analysis For Wedding Receptions And Corporate Events



Comedy/magic, mentalism, illusions tailored to the crowd, lots of mystifying magic, and audience participation.

















Children’s Parties, Adult Events, And Corporate Events.

For Kids Parties: Includes His Comical 45 Minute Show With Balloon Animals.

For Adult Parties/Corporate: Strolling, Intimate Style Shows, Close Up Illusions Performed Under The Noses Of Your Guests.   Shows Are Fun, Friendly, And Family Oriented.



Michael's Magnificent Magic Magicians    Michael's Magnificent Magic Magicians

Escape challenges

Available For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Family Parties, Children’s Birthdays, Wedding Receptions & Corporate Events. Walk Around Or Stage Shows.

Michael Has Been Performing For Corporate Parties For More Than 27 Years. Wonderful interaction With Clients In A Corporate Setting!

Walk Around Magic: Michael Will Go Table To Table, One-On-One, Or In Small Groups To Perform Magic Utilizing Everyday Objects Such As Coins, Credit Cards, Rings, Money, Jewelry, Table Objects, Etc That Disappears And Reappear Right Before Your Eyes! Michael’s Mind Reading & Mentalism Will Amaze Your Guests.

Family And Holiday Parties: Entertaining Children, Adults, Or Both With A Large Stage Show Or Smaller Platform Show Utilizing Many Of His Astounding Illusions Involving Audience Participation For A Performance That You’ll Talk About For Years.

Corporate Shows: Can Include A Magical Routine That Involves The Company’s Manufactured Product Or Provided Service. Michael Will Build The Product Into His Performance.

Kid Shows: Comedy/Magic, Illusions Tailored o The Crowd, Live Doves, Balloon Sculpting And Other Surprises.

Video Clip



Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians

Dazzles Crowds For Corporate Parties, Wedding Receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, And More!

Family Magic Shows: Children And Adults Participate In Fun & Interactive Amazing Magic That Will Have Your Guests Laughing And Talking About For Years.

Strolling Mind Reading With Magic: Performs Mind Reading For Strolling Entertainment. Corporate Cocktail Party, Awards Banquet, Or Private Party At Home, This Personal And Close Up Entertainer Is Perfect.

Banquet/After Dinner Events: Incredible Feats Of Mind Reading, Inexplicable & Amazing Magic, & Audience Participation.  This Spectacular Entertainer Works With Three Minds At Once: Predicting Names Of A Favorite pet, Childhood Best Friend, And A Secret Drawing That Only You Know.










  Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians  Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians


Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians Magic and More By Bobby T Magicians

Video Clip

Mind Reader Too!

Magic and More By Bobby T Mind Reading Magicians







Bill is one of New England’s most entertaining and funny magicians. He has been performing throughout New England for over 25 years.

Being a very versatile entertainer, he can perform at children’s parties and family gatherings. He can perform strolling magic for corporate parties, weddings, restaurants, and high school or college events. Bill can also include balloon twisting as part of any of this shows also. Bill is a lot of fun for all ages!

















Ken Will Amaze You With Magic Shows, Card Demonstrations, And Walk-Around Entertainment.

Performs A Kaleidoscope Of Tricks And Small Illusions That Include Fun, Fast-Paced Magic. Be Mystified With Lots of Laughter!

Currency Folding

Ken the Master Magician Magicians Ken the Master Magician Magicians

  Ken the Master Magician MagiciansKen the Master Magician MagiciansKen the Master Magician Magicians

Mr. & Mrs. Money Will Give You A Dollar Bill And Watch The Fun Begin! Mr. Money, Being An International Magician, May Rip A Dollar Bill up Right In Front Of Your Eyes And Magically Restore It, Or He May Change It Into A Nice Crisp $100 Bill!

Regardless Of What Mr. & Mrs. Money Do With A Dollar, You Will Always Get One To Keep. It May Be In The Shape Of A Star, Rhino, Swan,  Two Dollar Suit, Or Any One Of The 30 Various Designs Mr. & Mrs. Money Perform!




These magical mentalists have been fascinating audiences worldwide with a unique blend of illusion and ESP. Their unique entertaining style has been featured on world-renowned cruise ships, prestigious hotels, casinos, and night clubs.

Mind reading for private and corporate events!

The Magical Mentalist Team Magicians The Magical Mentalist Team Magicians




The Magic of Jason Magicians







“From up close and small to the grandest of halls, we do it all.”

Providing the finest in professional, magical entertainment for all your entertainment needs.

Jason is a full-time, internationally known entertainer. His classy, intelligent shows are in demand, entertaining a wide array of audiences at various corporate events, colleges, casinos, resorts, fairs, conventions, and private parties throughout the United States.

Jason incorporates classic magic and sleight of hand as well as contemporary, cutting edge, grand scale illusions. Whether Jason is performing his awe-inspiring dove act or materializing his assistant in a glass box, you never know what he is going to do next.

A “self-contained” entertainment package with professional sound, lighting, curtains, assistants, and animals.



The Magic of Jim Magicians








A Combination of Mind Reading and Mentalism.

For a humorous trip into the world of the impossible, consider Jim for your next special occasion. Whether it’s intimate close-up magic for a small gathering or a full stage presentation for much larger groups, Jim can create the memorable event you desire.

Jim dazzles audiences with his quick, skillful hands and witty personality!
His unique ability of “disappear” and “reappear” in an intimate, close-up setting (cocktail parties, restaurants, hospitality suites) comes with such ease even when entertaining hundreds at one time!



Magic, Storytelling, Origami, Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts

 Magicians Sandy's Amazing Children's Magic





















Christopher’s Corporate – BOOST Your Workplace

How well are your employees retaining the info you are giving them?
Mr. Guy Why can quiz your people in a fun and stress-free environment.
You provide the questions and prizes, we provide the game show and the emcee.
Up to 8 players can have fun at one time.
Great team-building exercise!!!
General Trivia, Holiday Trivia, and more are available for office parties or events.

Book Christopher For Your Company Function  








Hold company events to have a great time and unwind.
Boost morale
Increase productivity
Be entertained and amazed! Dazzling guests while strolling the floor or impressing a captive audience during a spotlight performance, everyone’s imagination is sure to get sparked!


















Christopher offers “Positive Impression” Client Parties

Will the resources you put into acknowledging important guests leave them with the right impression?
Break the ice, warm the atmosphere, and stimulate positive interactions among friends and co-workers and call Ginamarie Entertainment to book your client party!
Bring people together with personalized and interactive entertainment

Client Appreciation Parties * Holiday Parties
Trips, Charters, and Retreats * Golf Outings
Great For Colleges!










Christopher’s Comedy Antics

Part Comedian * Part Con-Man * Part Mind-reader * Part Magician * ALL FUN!!!!!!!

Stage shows filled with audience participation.
Strolling performances where your entire campus is a stage!
Exposing the Dark Side of Magic!

Side Show Stunts

Christopher's Comedy Antics Magicians









In his interactive stage show, audience members get to see cons and hustles in action. Watches will vanish off the wrists of spectators. Chances will be given to winning cold hard cash. Though no one really has a chance… See him supposedly read minds like a “real psychic.”
Watch as he performs stunts direct from the sideshow!

His show is also mobile. He can stroll around a party or event entertaining as he goes. Play the shell game just like it’s done on the streets. Watch him “creatively acquire” watches and other personal items. His roaming act is a lot of fun. It gives people the chance to experience his special brand of magic up close!


He’s spilling the beans! Christopher is exposing all the dirty work. In his educational and entertaining lecture

Christopher explains the ins and outs of some classic street cons and scams:

The Shell Game
Three-Card Monte
Fast and Loose
and more!!!

Lotto Scam
Hot Truckload
Lost and Found
and others!!!

Spot The Spot
English Pool
Three Little Bottles
and more!!!

Marked Cards
Crooked Dealing
Cold Decks
and more!!!

Nigerian Scam
Work at Home
Pyramid Scams
and many others!!!

Bar Bets
Trivia Tricks
Do as I Do
and others!!!

Christopher's Comedy Antics Magicians








Magic For Adults And Kids 

School Programs
Scouting Events
Birthday Parties
House Parties

Christopher's Comedy Antics Magicians







Adult Parties

Strolling around with sleight-of-hand magic or performing in front of the whole group in a hilarious comedy stage show, Christopher will get your people laughing and having a good time!

Christopher's Comedy Antics Magicians














Harry Potter Trivia Shows

Harry Potter Trivia Show Magicians







Who knows the most about Harry Potter???
The Wizard’s Trivia Show!!!
Up to 8 players can play at one time.
Cool props are used to keep score!
Schools – Summer Camps & More!




Fun for the whole family!
Family Magic Show, Comedy Magic Show, Comedy Magic, and Hypnosis Show Available!




Doug's Magical World of Comedy Magicians

Full Family Entertainer & Variety Artist

Doug’s magic is the perfect addition to any event. Corporate, casinos, fundraisers, trade shows, birthdays, sales meetings or school/organization fundraising programs.

Doug offers several different and diverse shows, from 15–20 minute spots in revues to one of two highly entertaining full-hour shows. Delight audiences from ages 1–100 and leave them with magical memories!

Doug’s Magical World is designed for family audiences, to entertain the young and the young at heart.

Doug can weave your product’s name and more into his amazing presentations. As a result of Doug’s magic, your clients will be well entertained, informed of your product!

CORPORATE SALES & MEETINGS Doug’s Magic increases the overall interest in the meetings by allowing the attendees to be more relaxed, attentive, and communicative. Make your meetings their most productive ever!

  Doug's Magical World of Comedy Magicians Doug's Magical World of Comedy Magicians

“Mr. A-Mazing’s Combo Of Magic & Circus”

The Amazing Andy Magicians

Kids Parties: Magic, Balloon Sculpting, Production of Live Rabbit, And Juggling.

Corporate Events: Walk-Around By Dazzling The Guests With Close Up Magic, Stilt Walking, & A Variety Of  Juggling.

It’s Magic With A Unique Blend Of Circus Stunts And Slapstick Comedy With Lots Of Audience Participation. Shows Tailored To Kid Or Adult Crowds.

Stage Or Strolling Entertainment.

  The Amazing Andy Magicians


Serving: Nationwide