The Most Exciting Fire Entertainers And LED Shows

At Ginamarie Entertainment, We Provide Professional Fire Entertainment For Parties And Events.
Rent A Fire Dancer For Your Party And Make Your Special Event Truly Memorable. Book Fire Performers
Or Fire Acts As A Solo Fire Entertainer Or A Choreographed Full Show With Fire Dancing, Fire Spinning, Or Other
Fire Manipulations With Pyrokinesis.
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Fire Dancer For Graduation Party, Fire Dancer For Wedding Receptions. Fire Dancer For Hire Is A Great Way To Add                                   That Wow Factor To Your Next Party, Fair, Or Special Event.                                                                                                                                            Fire Shows For Parties, Fire Performers, Hire Fire Acts, Top Fire Performers.
Fire Dancer For Baby Shower, Fire Dancers For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Hire Fire Performers For Parties, Product Launches, Corporate Events, Red Carpet Events, Hollywood Theme Party Or Galas, Las Vegas Theme Events. Renting A Top Fire Act Will Ignite Your Crowd For Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Award Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Christmas Party, Halloween Party, New Years Eve Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Trade Shows, And More. Professional Fire Dancers For Parties, Booking Fire Performers For Corporate Events.
Fire Dancers For Adult Party, Fire Dancers For Corporate Events, Fire Dancer For Corporate Party. Kick Up The Volume Even More And Hire Fire Dancers For Parties, Fire Poi And For Corporate, Fire Performers For Corporate Parties, And Private Events. Rent Fire Dancers And Fire Performances. This Brilliant Form Of Art Stimulates Crowds For Any Event.
Hire Fire Dancers And Amaze Your Crowd For a Truly Memorable Experience. Book Authentic Fire Shows And Hire Fire Entertainers Today.  Rent Stupendous Fire Juggling Acts, Rent LED Hula Hoop Performers.

Rent Outstanding Fire Performers And Ignite Your Party. Book High Energy Fire Entertainers And Shows. Fire Is A Unique Way Of Entertainment For Guest Arrivals & Stage Shows. This Brings The Initial High Impact Performance To Your Event.

We Offer Fire Shows Indoors And Outdoors With A Vast Range Of Options Suitable To All Kinds Of Events And Performance Space. Whether You’re Having A Fire Eater Or A Team Of Fire Dancers, Your Crowd Will Be Amazed.

Our Professional Fire Dancers Provide A Multitude Of Acts Ranging From Fire Jugglers, Fire Spinning, Fire Wings, Fire Poi, Fire Eaters, Fire Hoops, Fire Swords, And More Unique Fire Performances Making Your Event Unforgettable!

Highly Trained, & Skilled Fire Artists With Daring Death Defying Shows And Performers Are Available Just For You.


 “Jumpin’ Jay & Ms. Blaze”

Performances Specializing In Dazzling, Death-Defying Fire Dancing Shows! Perfect For Kids And Adult Parties.

Fire spinning, fire eating, fire breathing, fire props like the gyroscope-hoop to the fire stunt bike. Highly trained, highly skilled performers! These masters of fire arts keep a show interesting, delightful, thrilling but safe!

LED Hula Hoop, Flower Sticks, Poi, and even a highly controlled flashing LED Stunt Bicycle routine.

For daytime parties or events, Jumpin’ Jay offers full bicycle stunt shows or unique juggling shows perfect for kids, and Ms. Blaze offers stilt walking shows in multiple costumes to fit your event.

Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze  Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze  Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze   Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze    Jumpin' Joe & Lady Blaze

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“Ben The Fire Aerialist”

Captivates Audiences With Graceful Aerial Routine, While Enliven Circus Skills. He Brings That Spark To Events With His Unique Fire Performances.

Combines Amazing Style Of Dance And Object Manipulation,  Spinning Swords And More. With Torches, He Will breathe fiery life into the story.

Graceful & Stunning Aerial Dance Performance! No matter what the event is, aerial dance is suitable for all events.

Unique Aesthetic Juggling. Upbeat circus act with clubs and knives, guaranteed to amaze. Introspective and moving!

Benjamin The Fire Aerialist Benjamin The Fire Aerialist

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“The Fire Princess”

The Fire Princess The Fire Princess The Fire Princess

Fire Can Be Performed Indoors Or Outdoors Based On The Equipment Being Used. We Have Fire Shows And Fire Acts Suitable For Every Occasion.

Serving Nationwide.