Carnival Rides

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Carnival Ride Rentals For Parties And Events. Our Mechanical Ride Rentals Are Fun Amusements For All Ages That Excite Crowds.

Booking Carnival Rides With Ginamarie Entertainment Makes Your Event A Total Success!

Renting Carnival Rides Gives A Thrill To Your Guests Providing That Carnival Theme.

Carnival Rides To Rent From EuroBungy, Ferris Wheel, Trains, To Lots More. Renting Carnival Rides Are Fun for Corporate Parties. Carnival Ride Rentals Include Mechanical Bulls, Rock Walls, Carousels And More. Rent Carnival Rides For Parties. Rent a Kiddie Ride With Our Kids Carnival Party Rentals Provides Kids With Hours Of Fun.

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Rent Carnival Rides For Corporate Events, BBQ Parties, College Events, And Fundraisers To Make Your Event Memorable And Have A Blast On These Awesome Amusement Rides.

Booking Carnival Rides Is A Hit For Large And Small Parties. Carnival Ride Packages & Fun Amusement Rides Are Available For Kids, Teens & Adults.

With A Large Selection Of Our Amusement Ride Rentals To Choose From, We Are Your Source For All Types Of Carnival Ride Rentals That Maximize Fun For Everyone. Call Us To Rent Carnival Rides For Your Next Event!

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With A Huge Variety Of Kiddie Party Rentals From Trackless Train, Merry Go Round Rentals And More!

We Didn’t Forget About The Big Kids… Rent Carnival Rides For Teens And Adult Carnival Ride Rentals! Larger Rides Such As  The Mind Winder, Round Up, Bumper Cars, And The 4-Way Bungee Trampoline That Gives Your Event The Wow Factor!


Rock ‘n Roll Tumbler                 Bumper Cars                       4 Way Bungee Trampoline


4 person ride with 1 attendant                36’L x 35’W x  7’H                                        40 ‘x 40′ x 35′                  Requires flat hard surface.                x (1) 110 volt 20 amp circuit.             This bungee experience will flip
Guests tumble over & over.                Bump from the front, side,             and spin you up to 28’ in the air.
Great for teens and adults.                          or from the back.                                                                                                                                                                Don’t let other players bump you!


Cyclone Swing Ride                                                  Carousel # 1                      Flying Elephants


20 passenger swing gives riders an                      Bringing back the old                            35′ circle x 32″ H          exciting experience. Seats w/safety buckles.     favorite for all ages & events!              Seats 8 children              Suspended by four steel chains.                                                                                       Goes around, up and down.


Trackless Train #1                           Lil’ Swing Ride                       3 Horse Kiddie Carousel #1


Includes 6 rows of seating               25’L x 25’W x 10′ H 1 (110v/20 amp                Tons of fun for younger children

Our rep drives the train                    This is little swing ride for younger kids                                                            tractor pulls 3 passenger cars.         Seats 6 at a time and perfect for little ones.                                                              Runs on grass or pavement                                                                                                                                                          Authentic whistle attracts crowds!


3 Horse Kiddie Carousel #2                      Train On Track                                Mindwinder #1                                                                                         Chugger The Choo Choo                                


Great little carousel for kids              Seats 13 (4 per car and 1 in the engine.        Spin as fast while this ride spins   Perfect for small or large parties.  Plays music and comes track                            you in the air. Great for all ages                                                                                                                                                  including teens  adults.


Round Up #1                      Kiddie Merry-Go-Round #1              Trackless Train #2


Circular horizontal platform                          Perfect for children. Ride                 All trains run on gas.                         w/vertical cage like wall surrounding edge.   goes around & around.    Can be on flat pavement or flat grass.

It starts by spinning until the diffusive,                                                                                                                                    rotating force pushes riders against the wall.

Next, the friction between the riders’ backs and                                                                                                                    walls is strong enough to hold them against the wall.                                                                                                            Then, the arm raises the horizontal platform to a                                                                                                                  vertical position and riders are now spinning vertically                                                                                                        instead of horizontally.


Whirly Bird                                                                          Kiddie Ferris Wheel                          


18’L x 9’W x 6′ Fast and exciting ride                                   10 x 15 x 12 for smaller children                                             for teens and adults. 4 riders pull the handle.                  Requires a 20 amp outlet.

bars in front of them and ride speeds up.                           5 carts for 20 kids in colorful & fun ride.                            The faster the rider pulls the bars, the faster the ride                                                                                                            spins. Not for children under 8 yrs. No electrical nec.


Kiddie Carousel #3                                     Tubs Of Fun                                                Airplane Ride


Musical 3 horse carousel that’s         Great for kids and adults.            Requires 1 dedicated 110 V/20 amp circuit  perfect for young children.      6 tubs spin independently As the ride   Colorful and detailed planes  that fly kids                                                         spins in a circle. Holds up to                             around and up and down.                                                                                     24 riders at a time.


Dixie Dragonfly Swing Ride                   Mind Winder #2                                Swing Ride #1


50′ circle/36’H Seats up to 20 adults or 30      Accommodates up to 16 people at one time.                                        children. Has 10 swings and fun for all             Great for children, adults, teenagers, etc. with                                     ages. Making it exciting for all ages.                  a breathtaking experience.                                                                      4 and up. The ride starts off at a slow                                                                                                                                        speed  and builds up to a fast pace.


Round Up #2                                            Swing Ride #2                                        Swing Ride #3


It starts by spinning until the diffusive,          Fun ride for children accompanied           Exciting ride for kids, teens, and adults rotating force pushes riders                by an adult or teen.                      teens & adults.                    against the wall.

Next, the friction between the riders’ backs and

walls is strong enough to hold them against the wall.                                                                                                          Then, the arm raises the horizontal platform to a                                                                                                                  vertical position and riders are now spinning vertically                                                                                                        instead of horizontally.


Trackless Fire Engine

50′ x 50′ area required on flat or                                                                                                                                                pavement. Seats 12 children.                                                                                                                                                      Minimum of 30″ tall and up.







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