Fun Activities For Parties And Events

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Fun And Exciting Activities For Kids And Adults. Looking For Tie For A Party? Learn How To Dye T-Shirts In Multiple Funky Designs And Colors.

Sand Art For Parties Is A Great Idea For Kids And Adults. Sand Art For Birthdays,


Sand Art, Airbrushed T-Shirts and More. Offering Quality Entertainment for Many Special Events, from Private to Corporate Parties. Find All of The Decor, Entertainment and Rentals for Your Next Event.

Stilt Walking Hula Girls and Activities 

It’s the hula girl on stilts. Lots of fun for Meet & greet as guests arrive. Then, performer takes off the stilts & performers hair braiding with beads and tropical painting such as palm trees & hibiscus flowers, butterflies on shoulders, etc.

Stilt Walking Hula Girl And Activities Stilt Walking And Activities Hair Braiding Activities Tropical Face Painting Activities Tropical Body Painting Activities

Tie Dye Shirts

Our rep shows how to make cool tye dye designs to t-shirts. 
All different designs!

Tye Dye Shirt ActivitiesTye Dye Shirt ActivitiesTye Dye Shirt ActivitiesTye Dye Shirt Activities


4 people at a time will enjoy our Oxygen Bar. Various aromas included. This unit can service 4 people at a time for anywhere from 2–10 minutes or longer. Great for conventions and colleges.

Oxygen Bar Activities

GEL CANDLES and GEL AIR FRESHENERS (create your own)

Yes, we have the hard to find “Make Your Own Gel Candle/Freshener.” Create a unique air freshener or gel candle with wick. This Jell-O-feeling solid liquidy gel will allow you to add marbles, sparkles, keepsakes, and more to create a cool, one-of-a-kind creation. Needs 1 electrical outlet.

Gel Candles Air Fresheners Activities


Similar to sand art in looks but its candy which you can eat! What a neat idea!

Candy Art Activities


You start off with an empty bottle (different style bottles) & put shells, special gravels, & other sea-themed items we supply inside. Our attendant will add your choice of colored liquid to make a unique gift.


Plastic teddy bears, triangles, sports-themed & stretch plastic bottles are currently available.

Sand Art Activities


We will make an awesome casting of your hand in wax. Hands can be posed into different positions. Very popular with Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, company picnics, etc.

Waxed Hands Activities


This is as much fun to make as it is to keep! After dipping your hand into our warm melted wax several times we will remove an awesome casting of your hand! We then add some color and you get to keep your one of a kind creation. Hands can be posed into any position!


This is the hottest new fad. You get to design your own customized bead jewelry.

Customized Beads Activities

PUCKER POWDER (Candy Art Deluxe)

Have fun making your candy art with this unique stand. Put your stick under and push. 9 flavors to choose from.

Pucker Powder Candy Art Activities

CANDLE ART (make your own candle)

We’ve taken the fun of sand art & combined it with the fun of candle making to create this new & unique give away. Your guests will participate in making their own candles. Choose from different colored beads of wax. The technique is like sand art but the end result is a beautiful candle in a glass.

Candle Art Activities

DOUBLE SPIN ART (cards with frames)

Everyone becomes a brilliant artist with this fun attraction! We supply a dual machine, all supplies and an attendant while your guests use special squeeze bottles to drip paint onto their own masterpieces. Each machine can make two art pieces at a time.


Just like spin art but with Frisbees! Our machine can do 2 at a time.


Our professional art team offers various colorful & stylish designs in a display book for your guests to choose from. T-shirts & boxers are additional cost. Up to 20 pieces per hour. Hats & other apparel also available. This is like you see on the boardwalk.


We supply child bracelets, rings, & necklaces for the children to engrave with names or designs (or we can do it for them) & keep as a gift. This is best for up to 7-year-olds.

MAD PARTY HATTER (unique gifts)

We supply a variety of hats, glitter, ribbon, cards, feathers, & other items. Your guests choose items they would like to use and we create a fantasy hat for your guests to party in! Includes a choice of three hats and 10 add-ons.

DOG TAGS (authentic army dog tags w/ customized I.D.)

Tags are stamped on an actual 1969 U.S. Government-issued machine by our formally dressed staff. Guests provide their names, nicknames, and slogan, and receive their authentic dog tags on a metal ball-chain necklace.

Personalized Dog Tags Activities

Button Making (Color Me Button Making)

Create your own real buttons with one of our color-in sheets or your own drawing. We will then make it a real button for you to keep as a special one-of-a-kind gift.

 Candy Art Activities