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"Jack's Speciality of
Circus, Stand Up, Juggling and More!"

Great for Corporate * Weddings * Bar Mitzvahs And More!

Jack presents a virtual barrage of non-stop stand-up comedy and precision juggling performed with a consistently upbeat and endearing style. His talents have allowed this clever entertainer to tour the grandest theaters throughout the United States, earning him the reputation as one of the strongest concert acts in the business. His striking brand of showmanship has taken him to the sophisticated audiences of Las Vegas and Atlantic City and has earned him the opportunity to headline scores of banquets and corporate events. He's also made half-a-dozen cable and national television appearances including a featured appearance on Fox News "FOX & FRIENDS."

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The Amazing Shows of the Monkey Man & His
Monkey Girl Django!

Mr. Jerry is a multi-talented showman who has been dazzling audiences, young and old, throughout the United States for thirty years. Jerry is an accomplished juggler, magician, mime/clown, musician, fire-eater, animal trainer, stilt-walker, and storyteller-- and he is a master entertainer who holds audiences spellbound with the variety and uniqueness of his presentations. His performances are a delight to all, and his monkey pal, Django, will steal your heart away.

Birthday Parties

nvite THE MONKEY MAN for the most memorable birthday party of a lifetime !

THE MONKEY MAN arrives at your birthday party about one hour after your guests arrive, giving every one plenty of time for games and socialization (or ice cream and cake.)

When he arrives, we gather all of the guests (children and adults) and he will present a short (15-20 minute), family oriented variety performance of magic and music that features the monkey and the birthday girl (or boy) . There’s lots of audience participation in this one!

Then after the ‘show’, he will let the party goers have personal contact with the monkey, as she climbs around shaking hands and getting into mischief while I answer questions. Often times some mother or father takes photographs of the children with the monkey. One hour.

Camps & Libraries
If you’re looking for unique and engaging, audience involving entertainment for your campers or reading program this summer, the PHINEAS T. WAGGS ONE MAN VAUDEVILLE SHOW is the perfect show !

The PHINEAS T. WAGGS ONE MAN VAUDEVILLE SHOW is a rollicking recreation of turn-of-the-century theatrical corn. A fast-paced, family oriented variety show replete with storytelling, song-and-dance, fire-eating, juggling, music, mime, magic, trained animals, and comic gags that’ll have you groaning in the aisles.

Banquet Performances
Clubs and Corporate Events

Clean, wholesome, family oriented entertainment for your next banquet.

Mr. Jerry has a number of different ‘themed’ shows that will enthrall your guests. 

He will arrive an hour ahead of your guests in order to set up his show, and then, after dinner, he presents a 45 minute variety show that features music, magic, comic recitations, trained animals, audience participation, and fun for all!! 

The ‘themed’ shows suggest ideas that help you to add an unforgettable sparkle and memorable spirit to your special evening.

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