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Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

Book Your Spine Tingling Murder Mystery Dinner Show Today!

Ginamarie Entertainment Is The Only Source To Book A Qualified, Professional Murder Mystery Party.

Ginamarie Entertainment Specializes In Highly Qualified Troupes Who Perform A Murder Dinner Party For People Who Love Cold Blooded Murder!

Taking you and your guests from cocktails all the way to desserts. Crowd doesn’t even know who is part of the mystery troupe! Includes a good guy, a detective going over evidence, a murderer, policeman, victims, etc. and loads of clues… where you and your guests become part of the show!

The troupe will write a murder mystery about the crowd at event, the employees/benefactors and their job descriptions, once names and positions are received by Ginamarie Entertainment, LLC from client. Murder mystery starts when your event starts. Intermingle in between the acts, playing background dance music. It’s full of fun and mystery!!

You don’t even know who is part of the mystery troupe!

A Real Hit for Graduations * Corporate Events * Private Parties

For Ages 16-90!!

*Shows tailored to the people and the company if a corporate event.

YOU! Make The Show Possible!!