Interactive Fun Obstacles For All Occasions!
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Deluxe Golf Game

Deluxe Golf Game

Inflatable Bungee Run

Bungee Run

Inflatable Wrecking Ball House

Demolition Ball / Wrecking Ball

Hooley Ball Game

Hooley Ball

Inflatable Adrenaline Rush

Inflatable Adrenaline Rush

Alien Attack Inflatable Laser Tag Arena

Alien Attack
This is the newest arena for our PORTABLE LASER TAG ARENA (30 foot round) and the Alien head can be removed for low ceilings. Comes with REAL LASER TAG GUNS!

Full Court Press Inflatable Basketball

Full Court Press

P.K. Soccer Inflatable Game

P.K. Soccer
Two players compete against themselves as they try to kick the balls and score!

Star Patrol Inflatable Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag for All Ages (Starpatrol)
Ginamarie Entertainment has brought to you the most original, newest version of this popular attraction. This is the REAL LASER TAG GAME. Featuring real laser game guns. Adults and children can play. We can supply you a 40’ x 40’ x 13’ high inflatable arena.

Jurassic Adventure
Jurassic Adventure
(UP TO 20 KIDS AT A TIME! 400+ riders an hour)
Enter through the dinosaur bone yard, use ropes to climb up the rocky terrain of the raging volcano to the mountains peak and find the fastest way down one of the two 10 foot slides. Ride the two rockin¹ dinos and then play with the tall dinosaur pop up heads and bounce, bounce, bounce.
Size 24¹Lx29¹wx15¹high(800 lbs)
Haunted House Inflatable

Haunted House Walk-Through
5 staff members. 2 actors dressed as ghouls inside hiding to give an extra scare and 2 tour leaders taking a group of 10 through, 1 entrance attendant. When the first group of 10 gets half way the second is ready to enter. Size 231×341 (20 people at a time go through). Obstacles pictured are perfect to hide behind!

Island Survivor Inflatable Obstacle Course

Island Survivor Obstacle Cource

Spider-Man Inflatable Obstacle Course

SPIDER MAN OBSTACLE COURSE 40′ L x 11′ W x 16′ H (needs 2 dedicated 110 outlet separate breakers)

Joust Inflatable Arena

Joust with Walls
25ft Long x 19ft Wide x 5 ft High (needs dedicated outlet within 100 feet)

Ultimate Challange Inflatable Obstacle Course

Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course

Velcro Sticky Wall

Velcro Sticky Wall

Pop Shot Inflatable Basketball

Inflatable Pop Shot Basketball

Rocky Mountain Climb Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Velcro Olympics Team Challenge

Velcro Olympics/Team Challenge

Amazing Maze

Amazing Maze

Giant Glove Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing
Put on giant-sized boxing glove and head gar and try to knock each other down while bounce and weraing the oversized boxing gloves.

Gladiator Joust Inflatable Arena

Gladiator Joust (as seen on TV)
Two opponents stand opposite each other on podiums on top of an air inflated floor. The object is to knock your opponent off of their pedestal by using the long padded foam jousting pole. Fun for all ages. Jousts with or without edges available.

Bungee Run Inflatable

Bungee Run
Cool competition! You get a bungee cord attatched to you by a body harness. Run down the inflatable lane as far as you can and guess what happens next, you’re pulled back. Each nit has to lanes for racing

Velcro Sticky Wall

Velcro Wall
After putting on one of our velcro suits (we have six different sizes), the object is to stand on the inflatable floor & bounce & stick to the inflatable wall as high as you can. Approximately 15’ high x 15’ long x 15’ wide.

Surf Machine Inflatable

Radical Surf Machine

Bungee Challenge

Bungee Challenge

Rodeo Races

Rodeo Races

Backyard Obstacle Course

Backyard Obstacle Challenge

65′ x 15′

Money Machine Booth

The Money Machine is a fav for Employee Incentive Programs, Sales Motivating, Company Parties and Picnics, Corporate Events, colleges, fund raisers and more!

Human Bowling

Human Bowling
Bowling will never be the same! You will be seated & strapped in the world’s largest human bowling ball. Some of your friends will roll you down our inflatable alley so that you can try to knock down the giant pins! Space needed: approximately
15’ x 30’

Human Foosball

Human Foosball
We took the table foosball/soccer game format and made it live. Usually six to ten people play at any one time. The object is to score as many points as possible.
50 x 30 x 9′ high.

Human Gyroscope

Human Gyroscope (Orbitron)
This unique attraction was created for NASA for training in the space program! You will experience the sensation of being weightless in outerspace as you use your body to turn upside down, sideways or whatever.

Human Bowling

Human Bowling

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

Scrabble Scramble

Scrabble Scramble
A great team-building game.

Horse Racing Game

Horse Race Game

Pop Shot Basketball

Pop Shot Basketball

Kiddie Hi-Striker Stength Test

Kiddie Hi-Striker

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

Magical Mini Golf

Magical Mini Golf

Adrenaline Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

All-American Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course
This 360-degree obstacle course has all the best features including log squeeze, crawl tubes, rock climb, and a 14′ slide to the finish.

Bungee Challenge Football/Basketball

Bungee Challenge (Tug & Goal Football or Basketball)
Two equal-sized opponents try to score points against each other while being attached back to back by a bungee. For football, score more yards with the velcro footballs. For basketball, score more baskets.

Rodeo Roper

Rodeo Roper
Experience the thrill of roping a calf on this unique Western-themed attraction. Have a seat on a horse and when you are ready a calf will shoot out in front of you and you will have a chance to try and rope it!

Hampster Balls

Human Spheres
Have more fun than a hamster? Well, now you can! We’ve made giant-sized spheres for you to play in.

XXL Obstacle Course

Extra Extra Large Obstacle Course

L Obstacle Course

Large Obstacle Course

Hi-Striker Strength Test


XL Obstacle Course

Extra Large Obstacle Course

Train Inflatable Obstacle Course

Choo Choo Inflatable Train
Indoor obstacle course. Explore the interior of the our Choo Choo inflatable train while climbing over and under obstacles. Arrive at Choo Choo’s final destination by zipping down the slide to the exit. Soft, colorful air filled trains that they can play in. Squeeze, crawl, climb and slide in our lovable Choo Choo inflatable train.

Rocky Mountain Climb Inflatable Rock Wall

Rocky Mountain Climb
Climb an inflatable mountain about 25 feet in to the air. All ages will enjoy climbing our rocky mountain all the way to the while peak on top. The safety of an inflatable mountain with a surrounding inflatable base has been put together with all the professional safety equipment used in real rock climbing.

Off with Your Head
Your guests become the show when they put on these towering costumes complete with new heads that turn you into fighting knights. The object of the game is to knock off your opponent’s head with the devices that we supply. This very safe new game is becoming the next hit like Sumo Wrestling.

S Obstacle Course

Small Obstacle Course
Let the little ones crawl, squeeze, jump, dive , and tumble their way through

Extreme Rush Obstacle Course

Extreme Rush

Inflatable Twister

Inflatable Twister

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull
We are the only company that has the original mechanical bull imported from England. This is the top of the line bull ride with a digital time clock allowing for competition rodeo bull with real cowhide. It comes with a trained operator and is surrounded with an inflatable circular floor so no one gets hurt.