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Hula Dancers For Parties & Events

At Ginamarie Entertainment, We Provide Professional Hula Dancers And Fire Dancers Bringing The Hawaiian Tropics To Your Event With The Best Hula Performers And Beautifully Talented Hula Dancers.
Looking To Rent A Hula Dancer For Your Party? Make Your Special Event Truly Memorable. Hula Dancers For Birthday Parties, Hula Dancers For Parties, Hula Dancer For Bridal Shower Ensures Your Wedding Is A Truly Hawaiian Occasion, Hula Dancer For Graduation Party, Hula Dancer For Wedding Reception Brings Elegance To Your Wedding.
Hula Dancer For Hire Is A Great Way To Add Beauty To Your Next Party, Luau, Fair, Or Special Event. Hula Dancers For Kids Parties Are Designed For Children Bringing The Hawaiian Spirit With Music, Dancing & More.
Hula Dancer For Baby Shower Is A Great Choice For A Girl Or Boy Hawaiian Luau Baby Theme. Hula Dancers For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Celebrates Your Child’s Rite Of Passage.
Hula Dancers For Adult Party, Hula Dancers For Corporate Events, Hula Dancer For Corporate Party. Kick Up The Volume Even More And Hire Fire Dancers For Parties, Fire Poi And/Or Fire Knife Dancing For Corporate And Private Events. Renting Hula Dancers And Fire Dancers Turns Your Party Into An Authentic Hawaiian Theme.
Hire Hawaiian Dancers And Luau Dancers Who Take Your Guests Through A Tropical Experience. Hula Dancers Available From All Hawaiian Islands & Cultures Such As Polynesian, Samoan, Tahitian, And More. Guests Are Also Amazed By Our Tantalizing Fire Dancers And Hawaiian Bands.
Bring Your Event To The Beaches Of Hawaii With Our #1 Hula Dancers For Elegant Island Entertainment. Hire Hawaiian Hula Dancers Bringing The Tropical Vibe To Your Party. Providing The Very Best In Hula Performances For All Events.
Book Authentic Hawaiian Entertainment Style Luau Shows And Hire Luau Entertainers Today. We Are Your Source For Hula Girls For Hawaiian Party Luau Entertainment!

Enter the Tropical Islands With Our Professional Hula Dancers & Hawaiian Tropic Shows!

Includes … 2-3 changes during the Hawaiian and Tahitian dance.

Adult shows include: A segment with colorful and elaborate dresses and headpieces. Hula dance where the hands tell the story and the hips sway in a fluid motion.

Tahitian dance is performed along with the fast beats of Tahitian drumming where the hips shake so fast that they come to a blur.
There will be audience participation where she and the guests will learn how to do the basic hula where we tell the story through our hands speaking of a fishing party.

The other audience participation is done where we pull everyone and teach them how to sway their hips from side to side and around in circles the way they do it in Tahiti.

Children’s Shows include … Enter with Hawaiian music, meet & greet with leis, how to sing in Hawaiian, learn Hawaiian words, Tropical temp tattoos and stickers then needs 5 minutes to change. Performs Tahitian dances & teaches Tahitian steps. Bringing The Aloha Tropics To Your Event!

Fire Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers

Fire Knife Dancers

Dance with the Hula Dancers and performs fire dancing alone.

 Fire Dancers Hula Dancers

 Hula Dancers

 Hula Dancers

 Hula Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers

Say Aloha To the Tropics With Eleia

Hula Dancers Hula Dancers

Analeia And Her Polynesian Hula Troupe Perform Hula & Tahitian Dances. Authentic, & Interactive Show For Parties & Events.  Lots Of Audience Participation Set To Lively Hawaiian Music. Children’s Parties, Weddings & More.  Shows include R&B Hip Hop, meet & greet, Pose.for photos with guests. Captivates The Crowds With Analeia can Perform alone or with additional hula dancers. Hula dancers in this troupe are also fire dancers. Male fire dancers too.

Fire Dancer (s): Will perform outside after hula dancers perform.

Hula Dancers

Hula Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers Hula Dancers