Bringing The Beautiful Hawaiian Tropics to You With Our Outstanding Hula Dancers!

* Hire Hawaiian Hula Dancers for parties
* Specializing in the best Polynesian hula dancers


“Fire Knife Dancers!”


“Amazing Hula dancers!”


“Aloha Tropics”


“Enter the Tropical Islands our Amazing Hula Troupes!”


“Say Aloha to the Tropics with Eleia!”

“Enter the Hawiian Tropics of Aloha Hula”

includes … 2-3 changes during the Hawaiian and Tahitian dance.

Adult shows include … Segment with colorful and elaborate dresses and headpieces.
Hula dance where the hands tell the story and the hips sway in fluid motion.

Tahitian dance is performed along the fast beats of Tahitian drumming where the hips shake so fast that they come to a blur.
There will be audience participation where she and the guests will learn how to do the basic hula where we tell the story through our hands speaking of a fishing party.

The other audience participation is done where we pull everyone and teach them how to sway their hips from side to side and around in circles the way they do it in Tahiti.

For hula children’s parties … Enter with Hawiian music, meet & greet with leis (mail to her), how to sing in Hawaiian, learn Hwaiian words, Tropical temp tattoos and stickers (mail to her), then needs 5 minutes to change …performers Tahitian dances, teached Tahitian steps.

“Hula Dancers”