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 Hire Celebrity Impersonators For Corporate And Special Events. Serving The USA And Beyond With The Ultimate Best Impersonators For Parties.

Outstanding Celebrity Look-alikes; From Elvis, Joan Rivers, Marilyn, Frank, Dean & Sammy, To Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, To The President (Past & Current).

A Huge Amount Of Dynamic Film, TV, Music, Classics And Political Celebrity impersonators And Look-alikes.

Please note ~ Many Celebrity Look-alikes can be one character and change into another. To give you that extra zing your event craves. Contact us for more details!

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Additional Celebrity Look-Alikes

Abbot & Costello

The Addams Family

Alfred Hitchock

Angelina Jolie


Anna Nicole Smith

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Austin Powers

Barack Obama

Barbara Streisand

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Barney Fife & Gomer Pyle

Barry Manilow

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Barry White

Ben Franklin

Bette Davis

Bette Midler


Bill Clinton

Billy Idol

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Billy Ray Cyrus

The Blues Brothers

Bobby Darin

Bob Marley


Carol Channing

Carrie Underwood

Celine Dion

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Charlie Chaplin


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Christina Aguilera

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Chuck Berry

Chuck Norris

Cyndi Lauper

Danny Devito

David Letterman

Dean Martin

Dick Cheney

Dolly Parton

Don King

Dr. Evil

Dr. Phil

Video Clip

Ed Sullivan

Elizabeth Taylor

Elton John

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Emeril Lagasse

Englebert Humperdinck

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Faith Hill

Video Clip

Flava Flav


George Burns

Video Clip

George Clooney

George W. Bush

Gilda Radner

Gloria Estefan

Groucho Marx

Guy Fieri

Gwen Stefani

Hilary Clinton

Video Clip

Hilary Duff

Audio Clip

Howard Stern

Howie Mandel

Humphrey Bogart

Video Clip

Jackie Kennedy

Jack Nicholson

James Bond (Various)

James Brown

Video Clip

James Dean

James Lipton

Jane Russell

Janet Jackson

Jay Leno

Jean Harlow

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Lopez

Video Clip

Jerry Seinfeld

Jessica Simpson

Video Clip

Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy Carter

Joan Crawford

Joan Jett

John Kerry

Johnny Carson

Video Clip

Johnny Depp

Johnny Mathis

John Travolta


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Show Packages

We have several show packages available. (Or let us custom design one for you.) Ginamarie Entertainment will cover every detail–and bring your event to life!

Package #4 MICK JAGGER of the Rolling Stones
Package #5 KEITH PARTRIDGE/David Cassidy (Partridge Family)
Package #6 The Supreme ’70s Occasion (any combination)

Judge Judy

Judy Garland

Julia Roberts

Justin Bieber

Justin Timberlake

Kanye West

Keith Partridge

Larry King

Laurel & Hardy

Lil Jon

Lil Wayne

Lionel Richie

Little Richard

Liza Minelli

Louie Armstrong

Lucile Ball

Video Clip

Mae West

Video Clip

Mariah Care

Marlene Dietrich

Martin Luther King

Marvin Gaye

The Marx Brothers

M.C. Hammer

Video Clip

Mick Jagger


Video Clip 1 | Video Clip 2 | Video Clip 3

Miley Cyrus


Ozzy Osborne

Video Clip

Paris Hilton

P. Diddy

Peggy Lee


Ralph Kramden

Video Clip

Ray Charles

Video Clip

Reba McEntire

Red Skeleton

Robert DeNiro

Robert Goulet

Robin Williams

Rocky Balboa

Rodney Dangerfield

Video Clip

Rod Stewart

Video Clip

The Rolling Stones

Video Clip 1 | Video Clip 2 | Video Clip 3

Ronald Reagan

Roy Orbison

Video Clip

Rudy Guliani

Sarah Palin


Video Clip 1 | Video Clip 2

Shania Twain

Audio Clip

Snoop Dogg

Sonny Bono & Cher

Spike Lee

Steven Speilberg

Stevie Wonder

Video Clip

Susan Lucci

Taylor Swift

Video Clip

Theodore Roosevelt

The Honeymooners

The Three Stooges

Tiger Woods

Tim McGraw

Tina Turner

Tom Jones

Tony Blair

Tony Soprano

The Village People

Wayne’s World

Video Clip

W.C. Fields

Whitney Houston

Willie Nelson

Wiz Khalifa

Wonder Woman

Xena: Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless)

Zsa Zsa Gabor