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 Carnival Rides

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At Ginamarie Entertainment, We Provide Quality Carnival Ride Rentals. Our  Mechanical Ride Rentals Are Fun Amusements For All Ages That Excite All Crowds.

With A Huge Variety Of Kiddie Party Rentals From Trackless Train, Merry Go Round Rentals, Merry Go Round Carnival Ride To Rent To Tubs Of Fun Ride For Birthday Party.

Don’t Forget About Larger Rides For Teens And Adults Such The Carnival Rides Such As The Mind Winder, Round Up, Whirlybird Rental For Parties, And The 4-Way Bungee Trampoline That Gives Your Event The Wow Factor.

Have The Perfect Carnival Theme Event ~ Carnival Rides For Birthday Party, Carnival Rides For Rent. Carnival Rental Packages, Carnival Rides For Any Party, Carnival Rides For Corporate Events, Schools Fairs, College Students And Carnival Rentals For Private Parties. Carnival Rides To Rent Prices And Carnival Rides To Purchase Prices Available.

With A Large Selection Of Our Amusement Ride Rentals To Choose From, Ginamarie Entertainment Is The Source For All Types Of Carnival Ride Rentals That Maximize Fun For Everyone.

Bumper Cars Carnival Rides

Bumper Cars

Bungee Trampoline Carnival Rides

4-Way Bungee Trampoline

Cyclone Swing Carnival Rides

Cyclone Swing Ride

Carousel Carnival Rides


Flying Elephants Carnival Rides

Flying Elephants Carnival Ride for Parties and School Carnivals
Our Flying Elephants seat a total of 8 children (75 pounds or less). The ride goes around in a circle and also up and down.

Trackless Train Carnival Rides

Trackless Trains
Grass or Pavement

Swing Carnival Rides

This is a little swing ride for younger children. It seats 6 at a time and is perfect for the little ones to have some fun.

Merry Go Round Carnival Rides

Merry Go Round (Carousel)
Our carousel is perfect for the children and give them a ride built with them in mind. The rides spins around and around.

Train on Track Carnival Rides

Train On Track (Chugger the Choo Choo)
This new Train On Track is available on special request. We usually have it in malls and amusement parks but it is available from time to time

Round Up Carnival Rides

Round Up
The Round Up is one of the more popular carnival rides for Colleges, Events, Company Picnics.

Mindwinder Carnival Rides

*New for 2012*
Our mindwinder is ready to please you. Spin as fast as you can while the whole ride spins you in the air. This is a MAJOR RIDE and is our most popular. Our new one is ready for action. Great For All Ages including children, teens and adults.

Merry Go Round Carnival Rides


Trackless Train Carnival Rides

Trackless Trains

Fire Engine Carnival Rides

Trackless Fire Engines

Airflight Parachute Carnival Rides

Airflight Adventure
One adult or two children are harnessed into a parachute. A flick of the switch and it’s up, up and away raising them almost 20 feet for a bird’s-eye view of the entire area. Your guests will be lowered gently back to earth.

Whirlybird Carnival Rides


Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides

Ferris Wheel

Tubs of Fun Carnival Rides

Tubs of Fun

Airplane Carnival Rides

Airplane Ride

Turbulence Carnival Rides


Rock n Roller Carnival Rides

Rock ‘n’ Roller

Swing Carnival Rides

Magical Swing

Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides

Ferris Wheel

Mindwinder Carnival Rides


Swing Kids and Adults Carnival Rides

Swing Ride (Turbulence)
for kids and adults

Swing Carnival Rides

Swing Ride