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Bounce House Rentals

Want A Huge Variety Of Top Quality Bounce Houses To Rent For Your Party? With Ginamarie Entertainment, There’s Bounces Of All Kinds Available From Themes Such As Disney, Castles, Princess, Spiderman, Batman, Single, To 5 In 1 Combo Units Including Obstacles, Slides, Bounce Areas, Jump, Pop Ups To Biff ‘n Bash, And In & Outdoor Activities  Such As Basketball Hoops.

With A Large Selection To Choose From, Ginamarie Entertainment Has You Covered Providing All Types Of Inflatable Bounce Houses That Maximizes Fun For All Ages.

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Sesame Street


Deluxe Crayon Playcenter
Ages 7 and under. Challenging obstacle course, slides & more.

Toy Story

Princess Castle

Dora The Explorer Bounce House

Wizards Castle
5 in 1 Combo

B-Day Cake

Dinosaur Bounce House Rentals


Justice League Bounce House Rentals

Justice League

Racing Fun Bounce House Rentals

Racing Fun

Building Fun Bounce House Rentals

Little Builders

Cars Bounce House Rentals

Cars Inflatable

Superman Bounce House Rentals


Magical Castle Bounce & Slide Combo
A cool Giant Bounce with Slides as exits. Enter the world’s largest Bounce-and-Slide Combo and bounce till your heart’s content. Then slide down one of the two slides or go through the castle door.
Size: 30’x30’x18′
(three 20-amp outlets needed)

Train Bounce House Rentals

Jump & Slide Train

Lazer Maze Laser Tag Bounce House Rentals

Lazer Maze 2010
Use as a maze or for Laser tag. This 18′ x 32′ inflatable spacecraft is filled with passageways for great lazer attacks during the game.

Whale Bounce House Rentals

Willie the Whale

Dora The Explorer Bounce House Rentals

Dora the Explorer
15’4″ X 14’4″

Batman Bounce House Rentals

15’4″ X 14’4″
Direct from Gotham City this Batman Bounce will be the hit of your party.

Jump n' Bounce House

Jump ‘n’ Bounce

Catepillar Bounce House Rentals

Clarence the Caterpillar
MOST POPULAR (with slide)
Children love to explore Clarence and his 55 feet of fun. They hide, seek, play, and scream for joy before they go down the magic slide and do it all again.

Happy Face Balloon Bounce House Rentals

Happy Face Balloon Typhoon
This is a great children’s activity. It is filled with colorful balloons that blow around while the children try to catch them and play. This model is without a slide.

Castle Bounce House Rentals

Bouncy Castle

Elephant Ballon Bounce House Rentals

Elephant Balloon Typhoon
It’s a combination of all the play elements children like best. An elephant full of flying balloons with an exciting exit slide down out through the elephant’s trunk. Ellie even wiggles her ears as the children go in and out!

Jungle Fun Bounce House Rentals

More Jungle Fun

Undersea Adventure Bounce House Rentals

Undersea Adventure Deluxe with Slide
(World’s Largest! Over 60′. Footprint 50’x20′)
10 feet bigger than the competition’s! Guaranteed.
Dive into an underwater kingdom, see a snorkler spot the friendly shark and hug the dolphins as you play in this beautiful newest addition to our fun house family.

Circus Bounce House Rentals


Wizard Bounce House Rentals

Harry Totter Wizards’ Castle

Jungle Fun Bounce House Rentals

Jungle Fun

3 in 1 Bounce House Rentals

Pirates’ Cove or King Neptune’s Play Space (Three-in-Ones)

Airplane Bounce House Rentals

Propella the Play Airplane (with slide)
Propella starts with a slide down into the plane! The children will enjoy being in the cockpit and they can even join the pilot at the controls. There is a maze in the wing, an inflated fight crew to play with and more.

Jungle Adventure Bounce House Rentals

Tugger the Tiger Jungle Adventure

Moon Bounce House Rentals

 Moon Bounce Slide Combo

Bounce-Abouts Bounce House Rentals

Bounce-Abouts (featuring “Bif N Bash” inside)
These three bounce-abouts are the same outside dimensions as our competitors’ but on the inside you get over 3 feet of extra space!
Bounce and play with the inflatable figures standing up (called Bif n Bash) that are inside ready to be jumped on.
Size: 18’x15’x12′

Mini-Me Castle Bounce, Climb and Slide (three in one)
By popular request we have taken our Castle Bounce & Slide and cut it in half (one slide). Size: 30’x20’x18′

Haunted Bounce House Rentals

Haunted House
We have two different houses to add to any summertime carnival.

Disney Finding Nemo Bounce House Rentals

Finding Nemo
Official Disney fun for your next event with America’s Favorite Undersea Critters.

Power Rangers Bounce House Rentals

Power Rangers
15’4″ X 14’4″

The Incredibles Bounce House Rentals

The Incredibles


Themed Moonwalk Bounce House Rentals

Giants! Circus or Pirate Bounce
These large themed moonwalks are biggies! Beautifully themed. 27’X25’X18’high

Winnie The Pooh Bounce House Rentals

Winnie the Pooh
15’4″ X 14’4″

Disney Princesses Bounce House Rentals

Disney Princesses (Licensed and Legal!)
This beautiful Princess Bounce will make any dream come true. It features the 5 Disney Princesses including Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Belle. 15’Lx15’wx16’h
(280 lbs.)

Shrek Bounce House Rentals

15’4″ X 14’4″

Spongebob Squarepants Bounce House Rentals

Spongebob Squarepants
15’4″ X 14’4″

Sports Bounce House Rentals

Sport Club House

Jungle Bounce
Also features Bif N Bash fun. Highly decorated and plenty fun!

Starwalk Bounce House Rentals


Turtle Ball Crawl Bounce House Rentals

Tommy Turtle
Ball Crawl

Circus Bounce House Rentals

Bounce About (Circus-Themed)
Our Bounce-About units feature inside Biff N Bash. More than a bounce!
18’x15′ x 11’H
Highly decorated and plenty fun!

Noah's Ark Bounce House Rentals

Noah’s Ark
Also features Bif N Bash fun. Highly decorated and plenty fun!

NASCAR Bounce House Rentals

Kiddy Grand Prix
Inflatable NASCAR-themed play area

Three In One Bounce House Rentals

Three-in-One Slide, Climb, & Bounce
Bounce around and when your done climb the mountain, go down the slide and do it again. ALL IN ONE UNIT!
SIZE 15’X35’X11′

Alien Bounce House Rentals
Clowns Bounce House Rentals

Caterpillar Funhouse

Excalibur Five-In-One Bounce House Rentals

Excalibur Castle 5-in-1
Bounce, Slide,
Baskeball indoor and out Pop ups to bump around/Biff ‘n Bash

Celebrate Bounce House Rentals


Crayon Playground Indoor Outdoor Bounce House Rentals

Crayon Playground Indoor/Outdoor

Great for toddlers and up! Great for indoor parties and winter birthdays, even daycare parties! Great for ages 2–7 Has a bounce area and a SLIDE! Made to fit in most garages or family rooms. Winter babies can have the same summer fun!

Wizard Combo 25×20
Slide, Bounce area, Basketball hoop

Party Palace Bounce House Rentals

Party Palace

Disney Princess Bounce House Rentals

Disney Princess

Safari Bus
Very multi faceted! 32 ft long with a bounce, a slide, and rope climbing wall.

Carousel Bounce House Rentals

 Carousel Theme Bounce