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 Hire A Professional Belly Dancer    

Have An Exquisite Belly Dancer For Your Next Party/Event. Top Belly Dancers Perform Elegant, Interactive Shows. Beautiful, Authentic, Middle Eastern Belly Dancers Who Captivate Your Guests. Stunning Performances Like A Shimmering Waterfall From Snake Charmers To Dancing The Candelabra And More.

Top-Notch Belly Dancers For Your Special Event. Best Belly Dancers With Charming Entertainment Through Many Different Styles And Techniques.

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Hiring A Belly Dancer Produces An Elegant, Interactive And Enjoyable Time For All.

 Authentic Belly Dancers Ignite Your Party; Bringing The Ancient Art Of Bellydancing That Captivates Guests.

True Belly Dance Entertainment With Lasting Impressions That Entice & Entertain Guests.

Booking A Belly Dancer From Ginamarie Entertainment Leaves Crowds Spellbound!


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Belly Dancing by Serafina

Belly dancer/ Fire/ Snake * Tantric Dance Performances with specialization in Middle-Eastern, Spiritual, Pop, Hip Hop, and Latin American dances.

Languages include ~ Spanish: Fluently read, write, conversational, literature, & interpretation. Some Portuguese, Italian, French and Arabic

Belly Dancers belly dancing

Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions

Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers Belly DancersBelly Dancers Belly Dancers

Belly Dancing by Lalita

Belly Dancers Belly Dancers Belly Dancers

Belly Dancing by Masai

Belly Dancers Belly Dancers

Belly Dancing by Sirrah

Belly Dancers Belly Dancers

Sarah’s World of Belly dancing

Belly Dancers Belly Dancers

Belly Dancing by Daniela

The Winds of Sirica

Shows can feature dancing while balancing a candelabra, dancing while balancing a tray of candles, veils, swords, canes, wings, tambourines and fans

Belly Dancing by Lydia

Lydia dances & becomes a shimmering waterfall! Egyptian, Lebanese, Gypsy and Cabaret styles.Classical costumes and props of belly dance using traditional veils and finger cymbals. She is also skilled in cane, candle and tray, wings, sword and candelabra.

Named the “Belly Dance Diva of 2008”!

Belly Dancers

The Essence of Belly Dancing by Bina

All of Our Belly Dancers Specialize in Professional Dance . . . Whether Greek, Middle Eastern, etc.

Veil Dances
Get Guest of Honor Up to Dance
Loads of Fun Even for Any Children at Event!
Audience Participation with Tambourines
Mini Drum Solo

Very Entertaining for the Whole Crowd!

Belly Dancers Belly DancersBelly Dancers Belly Dancers Belly Dancers

Belly Dancing by Azziza

Belly Dancers

Wings of Ayshe