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Petting Zoos


B-Days, Camps, Schools And More!
Chicks, Goats, Lambs, Bunnies, Ducks, Sheep, to name a few.

Animal Adventures!

Monkey, kangaroo, birds, lemurs, hedgehogs, alligators, etc.

Various zoo packages available. it’s educational experience and fun.. how the animals live, what they eat, what environment each came from, etc. It’s a great time for the kids!!



Educational live animal entertainment!
Includes dromedary and Bactrian camels, llamas, guanacos, kangaroos, zebra, toucan, pygmy zebu, African serval cat, four-horned sheep, pygmy goats … and many other birds and mammals.
Camel and pony rides add to the fun.

The Zoo Show brings the zoo into your school!
Exploring captive animals.
Consequences of wild animals as pets and responsibility of ANY animal as a pet.
Students are introduced to 7–9 live animals.

:: A typical program includes such animals as the following: llama, kangaroo, large python and lizard, African serval cat, toucan, antelope and others.

Exciting, memorable, and fun lessons utilizing exotic animals that will make a lasting impression on young people.

The Zoo Show is designed for entire school populations and other large groups.

Reptile Shows Of All Kinds Ranging From Reptiles, Mammals, Sharks And Much More!

* Reptile party
* Reptile man for birthday parties
* Reptiles for kids parties
* Reptile Shows for parties

Ask About our

“Tropical Rainforest Show”
Seeks to bring an understanding and even an affection for the animals of that live there in a small effort to keep the magnificent habitats alive.

“River of Monsters Party”
This birthday party program combines some of the most aggressive animals, alive in the rivers of the world, but is completely safe because the handlers of Ginamarie Entertainment bring it to you.

“Frog Birthday Party”
Our Frog Birthday Party program looks at frogs, toads, a salamander, and a newt from all over the world.

“Animal & Reptile Shows by Nadine”

Learn diet, habitat and much more of reptiles, hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs, snakes, etc.
Very educational and fun!

“The Snake Whisperer”

Flipping Turtle, King Snake

Black Pine Snake
(Teach birthday child how to capture and pronounce him/her as a highly trained reptile professional)

Small Alligator
(How to put him to sleep by rubbing him on his belly)

Boa or Python, Dancing Lizard, Big Tortoise

Bull Snake
(How snakes use their muscles and scales to move because they don’t have legs)

:: Show is funny interactive with each animal. When a Birthday party, Birthday child is the focus of the show. Factual info about each animal.
Children can come up to pet them too!
Great Educational Fun Show for Camps * Birthday Parties * Schools!

It’s an educational show that’s informative and fun for all. Party prizes and gifts included.

“Safari Jim – The Jungle Guy!”

Real life safari. Safe, clean, fascinating animals.

Reptile parties: Includes Hedgehog, Bearded dragon, Snakes, Blue tongued skinks, Tortoises, Cockroches, Bugs to feed them. For kids who aren’t into the reptiles, Jim also brings English angora rabbit, Chinchilla, Small guinnea pig, and a dove.

Learn about the animals and the environment. Hands on experience that will educate and entertain.

Amazing Reptile Shows!

A Q&A Type of show Regarding the Reptiles/Insects Food, Habitat, Medical Care, Etc.

Bearded Dragons (with photo)
Yellow Anaconda (with photo)
Common Snapping Turtle (with photo)
American Alligator (with photo)
Albino Burmese Python (with photo)
Matamata Turtle (with photo)

Birthday Parties … Includes stories and jokes thru the animal’s eyes. His view on the world, anecdotes, questions & answer (Q &A) with a controlled segment to pet the animal making children laugh, think & feel.

Choose your B-day Show

“The Strange World of Reptiles”

Most popular with four types of reptiles. Most can be touched under careful guidance of our handler. Lizards such as Bearded Dragon or a Blue-Tongued Skink, or perhaps a Leopard Gecko. Turtles such as a Box Turtle, African Tortoise or Red Foot Tortoise, a big Boa Constrictor or a Burmese Python may also meet you and/or a Baby Alligator!

“Kingdom of the Coldbloods”

Similar to the above show with Lizards, Snakes, and Turtles. This show introduces children to amphibian life with Frogs and Toads. Provides a larger variety of animals. Frogs and Toads CANNOT be touched. Alligators can also be a part of this show.

“The Good, The Icky & The Slimy”

Includes bugs, spiders with frogs and snakes. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is actually very friendly. Tarantulas are very peaceful loving creatures. Oh and don’t forget about the scorpions that glow in the dark! Add an Alligator to the list of these crawling creatures.

“Dinosaurs & Fossils”

What about Dinosaurs? You’ll find out here! Compare Dinosaurs with a living Alligator and Lizard. Learn the basic understanding of extinction and evolution.

“Fascinating Snakes”

Pythons, Kingsnakes, Hognose Snakes, Anacondas, and more. Snakes of various sizes. It’s all about Snakes.

“Yer Dessspicable”

Designed for ages 9 yrs and older. Includes Anaconda, Monitor Lizard, Tarantula, Scorpion, Snapping Turtle, and Burmese Python. How do they live in our world? … You’ll find out! Alligator can be added to this show if desired.

“Reptile Photo Keepsake”

1.5 hr. Touch the reptiles for the 1st hr, then instructor will hold the Python and children take a photo. Have your very own Reptile photo. Great party favor!

“The Great Reptiles”

Includes 5-7 ft American Alligator, a 5ft Water Monitor Lizard, and a 15-17 ft (80-100 lb) Burmese Python and others for your event.
*This show requires a lot of space … 12×6 ft just for us. Not including audience participation. Two 6 ft tables must be provided.