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Ginamarie is a young person who had a dream.
She decided that the only way to change the world as she saw it, was to start with herself.

She is determined to allow the public to see a difference in the way a thriving family business operates. Coming from a show business family, having entertainment and professional backgrounds, GINAMARIE ENTERTAINMENT only provides quality for the public!

Ginamarie Entertainment is constantly expanding and the staff prides themselves in working with customers worldwide … providing any act, any attraction, any theme, for any age group, for any occasion, anytime, anywhere!

It has all come together to represent the most exciting entertainment ever availble with that special touch of class that only GINAMARIE ENTERTAINMENT can offer.

Welcome to the Eighth Wonder of the World!


More Being Added!

Ginamarie Entertainment
Ginamarie Entertainment
Ginamarie Entertainment
Ginamarie Entertainment

“Hello Gina marie,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you!! Your Red Furry Friend was a big hit at the party!!! Maiya loved it!! Also, the face painting and balloon was wonderful. The kids had a great time. Thank you again!”

Marina Distant